Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Officially, I have only one WIP.  It's my Life in the Trees afghan.  I'm about 75% done.  This is the center:

Unofficially, I have another WIP.  The designer released a pre-clue for those who wanted to get started.  It has an exotic cast on that I was unwilling to learn, so I faked it.  The flower in the middle was totally unplanned.  Thank you, Arne and Carlos for your fun yarn that did it.  I don't imagine that there will be anything that cool coming up as the shawl gets larger, but you never know.

I finished a bunch of stuff.  It may appear on Friday.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Ravellenics Week 1

This is a scarf.  In real life it is green.  I'm doing a stripe a day.  It's one of those choose your own adventure style patterns.  You take a little quiz and are assigned one of two patterns for each stripe.

This is a shawl called Vortex.  I'm not entirely sure that the yarn works with the pattern, but I'm having fun doing it.

This is my assistant.  She gets the blame for the picture quality.  I attempted to move her out of the way without much success.  Her new favorite place to sleep is on my computer chair.  She took exception to me wanting to use it.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I was feeling a bit low a couple of nights ago, so I went to Etsy to look at yarn.  I ended up picking up a couple of skeins at Gnarledpaw.  The yarn's great and I love the colors.  Never mind that I'm not in the mood for socks.  It's also the next best thing to instant gratification.  Shipping is fast.

The speckled green on is called Professor Plaintain.
The multicolored is Original Lucky Charms.  Merino and silk, mmmmm.

I'm on schedule with my Ravellenics projects.  I did two stripes of my scarf during the opening ceremonies.  I also got the shawl started.  I get to use my cute little Lucky Cat stitch markers on it, too.

Friday, August 5, 2016

FO Friday

I've been trying to get projects done to clear the decks for Ravellenics.  Cast on is 8 pm, I think.  My greatest success for the week was locating all four pins from previous games.  They were in three different places.

I made some mini mittens.  These are little versions of some of Spilly Jane's designs.  I managed to miss the spot for one of the thumbs.  Since these won't be worn by anyone, I created what is probably the world's only Afterthought Thumb.  They'll be nicer after a blast or two of steam.

June's Knit from Stash.  I'm going through the camera fight again.  Four tries and they are all blurry.

July's Knit from Stash.  They also could use some steam but it's too humid and I'm too crabby to go and do it right now.  The yarn color's off.  It's called Sherbet and looks like orange and raspberry sherbet.

August's Knit from Stash are in progress.  I might get them done by tonight, but probably won't.  I didn't get around to celebrating Chocolate Chip Cookie day yesterday so I'm going to do that right now.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Finished Object Friday

To celebrate the new episodes of Gilmore Girls, here are my Stars Hollow Xmas socks:
The lace pattern got a little more lost than I thought it would, but oh, well. 

This is a project that has been going on for months.  I bought a bag of animal shapes where the profits from the sales were going to Heifer International.  I happened upon a sweater pattern for some of the animals and faked it for the rest.  The yarn is all leftover from various socks I've made this year.  Not pictured is one bunny that hopped away while I was setting up the animals.  Also not pictured were the two T-rex.  Have you ever tried to make a sweater for a big dinosaur with little bitty arms?  Me neither.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Work almost in progress

My WIPs are the same this week as last week with a little more done on each of them.

I have a plan for Ravellenics.  That's the thing on Ravelry that runs concurrently with a certain event that occurs next month in Rio.  My goal is to use up abandoned yarns and projects.  I think I posted about the scarf I'm doing.  It was originally going to be an afghan but I couldn't get gauge on the yarn I wanted to use.
I've decided to do a stripe per day during the event.  The yarns I chose were all from deep in my stash.  One has been around for 8 years.

Then some people on Team TARDIS started talking about using Vincent and The Doctor yarn for their projects.  This is a colorway by Quaere Fiber.  I have three balls of it in my stash.  It was for a shawl that didn't work out.
I found a free shawl pattern called Vortex that looks like it will work out fine.  I have no idea if there will be enough time to finish it along with the scarf.  At least it will get enough of a start that it should be finished soon.

Sounds a bit like famous last words.  Hee hee.

Sunday, July 24, 2016